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Tips for Staying Warm This Winter (In Cost-Effective Ways)

Tips for Staying Warm This Winter (In Cost-Effective Ways)

Your home’s HVAC system consumes more energy than any other system or appliance on your property. On average, approximately half of a home’s energy consumption in the U.S. comes from heating and cooling. If you’re only counting on heat from your furnace to maintain a warm home environment in winter, you could wind up paying quite a bit in energy costs. That’s why it’s essential to find other options for staying warm when temperatures fall. These tips from Guaranteed Heating and Cooling provide cost-effective alternatives to cranking up the furnace to keep your home cozy and warm during cold winter months.

Use Curtains Wisely

Open your curtains during the day when the sun is shining to let free heat into your space. Then, when the sun sets, close them again to keep the warmth inside. Use thick, insulating curtains to keep as much heat inside as possible. Check your windows to ensure there are no leaks that allow warm air to escape or cold air to get indoors.

Eliminate Drafts

Caulk your windows and doors to eliminate drafts from entering your home. Better yet, cover windows with bubble wrap to reduce heat loss. Homemade or store-bought insulating draft-stoppers will serve nicely to keep cold drafts from coming in under your exterior doors.

Cover Hardwood or Tile Flooring With Rugs or Carpeting

Invest in some plush carpeting or area rugs to cover tile or hardwood flooring. This will help keep rooms cozy and warm during the winter months. At the onset of spring, you can always store your rugs away until next winter, so they’ll last longer. 

Invest in some plush carpeting or area rugs to cover tile or hardwood flooring. This will help keep rooms cozy and warm during the winter months.

Close Off Unused Rooms

If there are rooms in your home that you’re not using regularly, close them off to not waste heat on areas that don’t need it. This includes guest rooms, storage rooms, large closets, etc.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Older houses may need an extra layer of insulation in the attic or walls to maintain heat inside the home. Adding extra insulation to your home could lower your heating bills substantially over the long haul. Well-insulated homes will be warmer in winter and cooler during the summer, making this investment a worthwhile one.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat could shave as much as 10 percent off of your annual heating and cooling costs. With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule the time and temperature of your HVAC system to coincide with the times you're in and out of the home. You can schedule your thermostat to lower the temperature at night automatically and raise it right before you get up in the morning. This allows you to maximize your system’s use at reduced energy costs.

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These tips, along with wise use of your furnace, will keep you warm and cozy all winter long without paying exorbitant energy bills. Don’t forget to have your furnace inspected before temperatures fall to ensure it’s in top condition for winter. To schedule a furnace inspection for your home, contact the experts at Guaranteed Heating & Cooling. We’re your one-stop shop for all your heating and cooling needs.